Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Wolfsthal (Various)

Another fabulous day. We are staying at this awesome place in a little village called Wolfsthal (Villa Pannonica, Villagasse 9, 2412 Wolfsthal, www.villapannonica.at) with a beautiful, peaceful garden. It even has a swimming hole (with goldfish) into which we immediately plunged on arrival at the pension.

John disappeared off to Bratislava for the day after breakfast, while I went for a run in the nearby forest and along the Donau. I followed the cycle route initially and then into the trees (it was about 35° so I needed to stay in the shade). The beech forest was heaven, and the leaves are just beginning to turn so there is a scattering of yellow and brown on all the paths as you trot through. It was windy too, so you often got showered with leaves, and were surrounded with the gentle sussaration of all that vegetation blowing around! I made up a route, and popping around one corner spied a doe and stag in a clearing. They spotted me at the same moment and bounded out of sight. Ran to the Danube and then followed a track almost back to the Slovakian border before heading back.

Another dip was followed by chores, and John arrived back soon after bearing fizz, and good things to eat for a picnic on the balcony. We spent most of the evening chatting about all the possibilities of things to do once we have headed back to NZ.... Off on the bikes again tomorrow - Vienna here we come.

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