Friday, 3 August 2007

28th July (Day 11) Potsdam

We spent the day in Potsdam doing exciting things like chopping up sundried tomatoes, dried mushrooms and dates, and sending post!! We also marked up the newly purchased maps with our proposed routes through Poland and Romania. It rained all day, so this was the perfect thing to do.

In the evening, we ventured out, were promptly poured on, but then, hurrah, the sun came shining through. Armed with cameras we headed for the magnificent edifices to bad taste that make up several of Potsdam's heritage, as they are crammed with statues and decoration, and gaudy painting. On the other hand, buidlings such as the Orangery speak of a different time. It hasn't been restored yet, but you could imagine strolling through the long, long building in the winter, surrounded by plants, and looking at the snow across the surrounding parkland. The light was sublime - gentle sunshine and long shadows. It was pretty deserted too because of the earlier rain and a music festival that was taking place in town - interestingly called Fasination with Water!!!

Back on the bikes the following day - looking forward to being on the move again.

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