Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sunday 27th August (Day 40): Mamming to Munich (130km)

Our longest day's cycling to date, and not too bad given that we were on the bikes for 7 hours. Set off early, and had already covered 40kms by coffee and cake time (nut roll jobbies today). The Isar remained tree-lined which meant we were shaded from the sun all the way. We gradually climbed with the river (about 300 meters altogether during the day).

We decided to take breaks every 20 km after the intial stop to refuel. Had lunch in the shade of a large tree on the river bank. It was difficult to break from lunch having already cycled for 3 hours, and knowing that we still had a long way to go.

The Isar is a much different river to the Donau. The Donau appears unhurried and stately, whereas the Isar has clear, fast-running shallows with white water sections. Finally, Munich's suburbs hove into vie, Friesing and Iching near the airport were familiar names, and our spirits were bolstered. We put on a bit of a spurt of speed around the 100km mark, and finally made our way through the Englischer Garten to Mariaplatz where we are staying at the Holiday Inn. We have decided to stay a few days, partly to enjoy not being a human fly-paper / mosquito feast / horsefly meal, and also to celebrate John's birthday (29th August) in a bit of style.

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