Friday, 3 August 2007

29th July (Day 12-Sunday) Potsdam to Wulkow (62 kms)

Took the train from Potsdam to Erkner to avoid navigating Berlin, and then successfully located the R1. Glowering skies dripped rain intermittently on us all day. However, the route was excellent. Signposted superbly throughout, we were able to cycle through some lovely old towns and along quite a lot of cobbled roads (not quite so good, but picturesque). Germany has got quite a few grants from Europe to develop the R1 route and as a result most of the cobbled areas have a cycle-friendly surfact alongside which makes the journey much more pleasant. The countryside was initially woodland, follwed by pretty, rural land.

The rain started to come down heavily and we 'happened' across this lovely old hotel. Well, it was meant to be. We holed up there, and sucked down a couple of hot coffees, and gigantic cakes, while upstairs our clothes steamed gently on a radiator.

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