Thursday, 30 August 2007

Saturday 26th August (Day 39): Passau (river Donau) to Mamming (river Isar) - (104 km)

Set off through the busy roads around the outskirts of Passau, and into the Bavarian countryside which has a great deal of farmsteads - mainly dairy. More 'gingerbread' style houses overflowing with red geraniums than you could shake a stick at! It was also a day for wildlife spotting: 2 deer, 2 snakes, 1 junior robin, 1 lizard, a hedgehog (deceased), and a mole.

We said goodbye to the Donau and cycled around 30km across country (including a couple of vertiginous climbs) before dropping onto the path beside the Isar, and old friend from 12 years ago when John spent some time working in Munich. The Isar was delightfully shaded with willows and we cycled happily to a campsite at Mamming that was not half as bad as we expected, located beside a gravel pit and between 2 major roads as it is....

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