Friday, 3 August 2007

Some photos, up to 2nd August 2007

Here are some photos of the trip so date. This will not be the tidiest posting ever made as I am struggling with polish instructions (cant work out how to change the locale as everything is in Polish!).

A rather splendid church (maybe an abbey or something) in Beverley during our extra day in the UK:

Here we are just about to get on the ferry (second time around) and a self portrait on said ferry.

Here we are in Holland in a lovely little village on the way to the Hague. Lovely coffee and cake just around the corner on a different canal.

Obligatory Dutch windmill photo....

Still in Holland. A pond, a castle, and a castle with a pond (and Hazel for some foreground interest).

And now Germany, this is another self portrait just after the border. We were about to head into Gronau, which was a rather portentious start to our time in NW Germany.

After a few days of practice, the weather moved on from light rain and intermittent showers (enough to make you stop and put your waterproofs on, and then take them off, and then put them on, and so on all day), it finally got down to business and really poured.
At the time of writing the ration of wet to dry days is 12:4!

A resturant at Potsdam in E Germany. This restaurant did fantastic glalettes (the best I have eaten since zum Kloster in Munich). I am drinking a very manly larger cocktail that I purposfully ordered.

Daytrip from Potsdam to Berlin. Here's one of the last standing bits of the wall. And now a new one is being built in Palestine (or is that the occupied territories, or is it now the disputed territories) - language is a subtle tool; walls are certainly not.

Next few photos are around Potsdam in a fantastic park full of historic buildings; some impressive, others fantastically tasteless. Note the rain gear, it had just stopped raining and was about to turn into the most wonderfully lit evening. Great nipples on this lass. I just couldnt resist a tweak!

A German windmill this time, same park. Couldn't decide which picture i liked the most.

Hazel wondering through the Orangerie in the same park. It was just such a lovely evening and noone was there due to the earlier rain. Sometimes you just have to get wet.

Last picture from the park. An angel with the most delicate feet and hands, brushed shiny by people feeling them. We just don't make them like this any more.

On the road again, heading for the border to Poland. We tool the train from Potsdam to Erkner to avoid cycling through Berlin.

And here is Hazel's backside heading into Poland over the River Oder. Note the rain gear again!

Second night in poland was spent inthe wild, in a pine forest. Our trusty tent (Hilleberg), great bikes, almost indestruible panniers, and stove (with right fuel) are all on display. It was not raining when the photo was taken.

Bringing us up-to-date, a photo taken last night in Torun. Busy roads and samey countryside drove us back onto the train to cover the last few kilometers. This was a dry day, number 4 so far. The river in the picture is the Vltava (or something equally unpronouncable). This place goes on my list of top spots to visit. In fact, i am going to stop typing and walk around the town right now...

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Niamh said...

Apart from the 'rain drenched forests', your trip so far sounds like hell on earth. John's unshaven maw only confirms it