Friday, 3 August 2007

24th July (Tuesday - Day 7) Munster to Schloss Holte

Managed to get up at 6.30am, and eat breakfast in the last sunshine of the day before the rain started to pour down. Other essential gear for cycle tourers include 1) good waterproof top and leggings, 2) gaiters, 3) waterproof socks, and 4) a character that can appreciate the beauty of a a rain drenched forest / field / road / town / river side!

It was actually lovely cycling through the nature reserves at the beginning where we had picked up the R1 (the famous disappearing route). There was actually a sign with the whole of the R1 route on it, with distances, and the signposts, while you are actually on the route and some idiot has not pushed the sign around to another direction / the route is not blocked by road works / the signs have not disappeared - are great.

Favourite town on the route was Warendorf which had an incredible church with intricate stone carvings, as well as a lot of original timber and stone buidlings, all prettily complemented with well-kept flower gardens. The main square was lined with old, well-preserve houses with distinctive lattice brickwork and intersecting wooden beams.

The rain continued for the rest of the day and there was an unpleasant bit of road with heavy traffic where we 'lost' the R1 again. We got a tad tired and crispy at the end of the day. Lovely quiet campsite though in the middle of the forest...

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