Friday, 3 August 2007

23rd July (Monday) Ruurlo-Munster (52km)

John has given a much more detailed overview of the ferry trip and events surrounding that fun time!! :-) Now I'll bring you up to date with a few more sights etc...and the rain. Hey - have a proper keyboard today!!!

After spending a night in a rather grotty b&b in Ruurlo we wandered out for breakfast, which was fine. We then sorted out boring stuff like our phone, before heading to the train station to hop on the train to Munster, which turned out to be a bus, then a train, and then another train. Any of you who have travelled with bikes and 8 heavy panniers on public transport will know that this is not a particularly pleasant option. So we decided to buy a map of the area and cycle to Munster. Oops - wrong decision!

The rain started - lots of it, torrential indeed. And the head wind, the monotonous fields of sweetcorn, and the brand new roundabouts with no sign whatsoever! (There were a lot of rather gorgeous equine establishments though, but I don't think they really floated John's boat!)

Long, rather grotty stort short (one that involves me blowing a fuse, and speeding off up a hill in an attempt to go faster than the 10km of an hour that we were currently averaging, only to arrive at the top covered in sweat, and even more peeved!!), we gave in, and got the train from Billerbeck to Munster. The lovely guardsperson at the station even held the train for us while we dashed across the platforms and manhandled our gear on board. What a star.

The campsite we ended up in was packed; there was one point where I wondered if we would actually manage to get out the door the next morning without stepping on someone else's tent, as people were still cycling in and putting up more tents at 9pm. Ear plugs are wonderful - a must for any cycle tour!

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