Sunday, 12 August 2007

6th August (Day 20) Krakow

The hotel we booked into (not many campsites around) was noisy, and seemed to be on the main route for every vehicle with a siren in the region. Thank goodness for ear plugs is all I can say!! Krakow itself is a wonderful city. The central square is enormous, and full of buskers, tourists, horse-drawn buggies, and random other entities. Wawel Hill is like something from the Gormenghast Trilogy! Every time you turn a corner there are awe inspiring buildings – often large Gothic structures with pinnacles, spires, unusual faced-statues, and blocky, solid towers.

There are a lot of other places to wander around, and Kazimierz is the area where a lot of Jewish Poles lived before WWII. It is full of galleries and little cafes now; very bohemian feel to the place. We had a blissful hour drinking coffee in a tree-lined courtyard, in a divine little garden.

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