Thursday, 16 August 2007


A quick blog entry to keep things ticking over.

We have made our way along the Danube into Austria and i have just popped back over the border to have a look at Bratislave and make this posting. The cycling in Hungary from Gyor towards Austria has been fantastic, as have the few excursions into Slovakia. The weather is being kinder to us and we are now on our third day of uninterrupted sunshine. The route is a bit fiddly at times, and you need to be guided by the force at times in big cities, but we have never been truely lost (a difficult thing to do when you are following a river the size of the Danube!). Scenery has covered the range from soviet concrete catastrophies and industrial skylines to isolated river beaches and forests in the early stages of fall (fantastic colours). Add in a few medeaval (can never spell that word) towns and castles of every style and age, as well as hundreds of small rural village, and you have an idea of what we cycle through.

From here we are going to head along the Danube to Vienna and then head to Cesky Krumov (Czech Rep), Salzburg, and Munich, although i am not sure in which order. After that we are heading further into Austria and then maybe over to Italy before going through Switzerland and into France. This is a bit different from the original plan, but you

Hazel will be back on line in a few days time to give a more detailed account and i will pop some pictures here as well.

I will post some details on our gear, which is working out really well and may interest someone.

Time to check out the sights of Bratislava .....

BTW - update on my backside. I have toughened up and can now walk more like a man and less like a gibbon.

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Aniket said...

Hey Guys,

I have to say that the first 18 days seems like my idea of hell!! Rain, rain, rain, wet, camping...but I'm glad you're having fun!!