Sunday, 12 August 2007

4th August (Saturday, Day 18) Chelmno

Took the bus into Chemno which was an experience in itself. Bought the ticket with ease as the lady spoke English. Clambered into a rickety old local bus,, and then watched at the bus driver spent on average 2 minutes per person issuing tickets to people. The trip to Chelmno took us through some rural villages which appeared to be relatively prosperous, with new houses being built.

Chelmno itself is described as a Mediaeval town with one of the most complete town walls in the country. It was indeed an impressive place. There are some excellent churches and a nunnery. One church in particular (photos to follow) had about twelve separate towers in a ‘v’ shape, towering up into the sky. Some peaceful parks too, and we chose one of these to have lunch while watching a pretty little fountain. It was also the day for weddings, and we watched a few groups having their photos taken in their finery. Stunning day with wall to wall sunshine, and little fluffy clouds.

Had a bit of difficulty working our where the bus back to Torun left from, but figured it out with a large amount of gesticulation, and a helpful bus driver. The trip back was long, bumpy, and lasted 45 minutes longer than the trip there. The route was more scenic though.

Tomorrow we are off to Krakow on the train…with bikes…facing the terror of the three-steps up and associated stresses.

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