Thursday, 30 August 2007

Friday 24th August (Day 38): Wilhering (Austria) to Passau (Germany) - 84km

Woke to the unusual sight of fog. Ethereally beautiful. Usual cliched dewy spiders' webs draped all around. Unfortunately, although attractive, it made everything extremely wet, and we set off in waterproofs. Luckily, though, the weather soon cleared, and we were treated to a fabulous day. The wind picked up after about 30km, but the surroundings were great. The scenery changed again with rolling, wooded hills alongside the river, and tiny immaculate villages. The change was particularly marked as we swung inland for a few kilometers, where we were constantly surrounded by the tang of overripe fruit.

We travelled across from Austria tp Gemany, and instantly the excellent cycle path signage disappeared. Also, we ended up doing about 20km along a busy road again. The sight of Passau though was a real treat, as we hadn't expected anywhere quite so awesome. Found a simple, but comfortable guest house for the night, and spent the evenign exploring the narrow alley-ways and many-coloured buildings. If you get the chance to visit Passau, is really worth a visit.

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