Thursday, 30 August 2007

More photos

I have finally found an internet cafe that allows you to access the USB port, so here are some of our pictures.

Hazel in a medieval town called Torun. Lots of old buildings to look at and little streets to wander aound.

We took a bus trip to a nearby town famous for having an intact wall all the way around. Spelt Chelmmo, pronounched something helmno with a welsh accent. This is a picture of the facade to a church. It is only a small town and this is one of many such churches.

These two pictures were taken on the train from Torun to Krakow. There is an enormous step up to a tiny little door, which can present a few problems. Fortunately, we got on this train at its first station and left at it`s last station, so we had plenty of time to sort things out. We were helped by some friendly passangers on arrival, who passed our various bags out the window to us. A tricky we used ourselves on a later train journey.
On the train from to Krakow from Torun. Tagging is a national passtime in Poland so we thought we`d capture some of it. Torun (and Krakow) were great places, but there is a lot of poverty (and boredom, I guess) in much of Poland. It makes an interesting contrast to the posh little towns and cities we visited.

Chilling out in Krakow. An absolutely lovely place with plenty to see and do, and lots of cracking little restaurants and bars.

This is Wawel Castle in Krakow, the seat of the Austro Hungary empire. There is a legend about a Hindu god ( i think) creating 7 stones, on of which lies under this hill. Apparently Nehru (first Indian PM after thez booted the brits out) came here specifically because of this. Anyway, it is a peaceful place.

The bikes and Hazel squeezed into a sleeper compartment on a train from Krakow to Budapest. I only had to remove the front wheel from my bike, and that is because it is a bit bigger than most. The guard was not happy, but being an idiot tourist lets you get away with a lot.

We were going to cycle this bit, but getting any details on the route proved impossible while on the road. Eventually, we got details for a route through Hungary, which I will post, but i still have nothing about the Czech section. After the roads in Poland, I didnt want to spend more days on scary roads, so we took the train.

Here we are safely arrived in Budapest. We spent an hour or two helping a couple put their bikes together (someone had dismantled them for the trip and they forgot to bring tools)

Some architecture from Budapaest. This is a castle in Pest full of a mix of baroque, gothic and classical styles - the guys build as the fancy takes them. The city is also full of excellent art neuveau architecure including a fantastic wooden passage - too dark for my little camera to handle.

It was raining again, and hard. At last, I had a use for the swimming goggles i have been dragging around with me. This was our first day back on the bikes heading out of Budapest.

Cycling out og Budapest we had a lot of ferry crossings on our first day. This is the last one of the day (and the last sailing as well) and we very nearly missed it. It was overcast (not raining any more) and late so we had to really push hard to cover the remaining 10 kms. A long day.

Just leaving our campsite in Hungary and about to cross the bridge in the background for a days ride through Slovakia.

And here we are in Slovakia looking at Hungary across the Danube. Cycling on this side was a good idea for this leg. It was much quieter and far less developed. We had just been for a skinny dip to cool off.

Back in Hungary again for the last few kms before Bratislava. Storks are a common sight and they put these metal platforms on top of some of the poles for the birds to nest on. They are huge, the photo doesnt really show it well. Also, you can not see the loud speaker below that is blaring out local music. I have no idea why this is done, and it only seems to be in some villages. It must drive the locals mad.

This was our last campsite in Hungary (we then headed straight to Austria). The countryside was beautiful but you had to be quick once the sun set as the mozzies were HUGE and hungry.

I left Hazel in Austria (Wolfsthal) and heading back to Bratislava for the day without luggage. It has a nice, small old town centre. This picture was taken right in the middle. Not everything is rennovated or restored, which is nice.

These are hunter`s lookouts. We would often see deer lazing in fields as we zipped by, so i guess there arent many hunters or they arent very good.

Here we are in Vienna on the balcony of our hotel room overlooking the St Stephen`s square.

A pretty little town on the Danube on the way to Linz.

A pit stop to refuel on the way to Pasau

One of the back streets in the old town of Passau

Now on the Isar, a tributary of the Danube, heading towards Munich.

In Munich, at the place where Hitler was arrested in the 1930s. Taken today in the first rain we have had for ages.

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