Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wednesday 19th September (Day 63): Decize to Nevers (49 km)

Woke late to thick fog after a very cold night (down to about 5° - chilly in a tent°. Getting up was not pleasant and we were both a little snippy as we piled on as many clothes as we possibly could in an effort to stay warm.

We had a quick cycle around the pretty little town of decize which seems to have incorporated the ancient city wall into a lot of the buildings and houses. Had a quick coffee and thawed out our toes and fingers before setting off into brilliant sunshine. It was an easy 40km to Nevers with winding roads through lovely country villages, and the head wind, although making itself present, was not too bad.

We stopped to look at a 12th century chapel in the middle of a cow paddock! Wonderfully simple and peacful inside, but with a turbulent history.

Spent the evening in the tent listening to owls serenade each other. Nevers was disappointing; overrun with traffic and with no atmosphere. The campsite is splendid though with an uninterrupted view of the river and the cathedral.

Met a great Dutch couple who were cycle touring from across the Pyrenees bqck to Holland on a tandem.

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