Monday, 17 September 2007

Friday 7th September (Day 52): Arbon to Zell (Wildberg) (68 km)

A cold start (about 9 degrees again), but not raining. That is not to say that the clouds were not promising rain, and that, in fact, it had indeed precipitated all night. Set off along the lake for about 5km until my rear tyre went rather flat (valve problems - removing the dust cap, and a little action with the pump made all the difference). We then pedalled off onto route 5 into Switzeland. The route is superb. Well thought out, through picturesque rural land and communities, and past buildings and places of interest, such as the water schloss we passed (large painted building in a lake - most impressive).

The houses are distinctly different and there is a definite sense of industriousness in the fields and orchards.

The route climbs quite seeply at first, but then levels off, although there was a pretty steep climb on gravel at one point. Love the place, people, route, and cycling though...

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