Thursday, 27 September 2007

Saturday 15th September (Day 59): Dole to Santenay (91 km)

Today was another day of almost perfect cycling; a bit dewy to start with it was wall-to-wall blue sky with a light breeze that later turned out to be a following wind. We cycled up the hill and out of Dole (with guys shouting encourqgement out of their car windows) and then through the undulating countryside. The leaves on the trees now are really changing colour and we hqve been treqted to dappled lanes of cycamores hung with bright red vines backlit by the sun.

Today we encountered a lot of encouragement from other cyclists qnd from motorists ranging from friendly waves to fanfares of car horns;

We are now in a fantastic campsite. Santenay is a pleasant village from which the smell of apples and wine emanates and stone buildings are surrounded by flowers and old wine presses. The view from the tent is fabulous with hills covered in vines. I am now off to sample the produce of said hills :-)

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