Thursday, 27 September 2007

Pics from France

Here we have our wonderful tent at a lovely french campsite with all our gear scattered on the gras as if a tornado had just gone through.

Doing what we do best, eating cake.

On the Loire. The river is dotted with mediaeval (never could spell that word) towns with great bridges. Most of them had lovely little campsites by the river looking up at the castle/chateau/cathedral.

Rain in Orleans. Looking happy despite the weather.

Chateau Chambord. An absolute folly built by Luis or Phillipe the something-or-other as a hunting lodge. It has hundereds of rooms ands was supposedly designed with the help of Leo DaVinci. The guy who built it stayed there for less than 50 days in total.

Another Chateau, similar in style but much smaller at Chaumont.

The missus looking perky.

The missus looking completely knackered after climbing an 18% hill. This was the 3rd such hill that morning. The first 2 we managed the cycle up, but this one was just too steep.

From here we head north and into britany for the last few days of the trip. The next posting will probably be made from the ferry as we return to the UK. Booo.

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