Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Soon to be in France.

We are about to start the last leg of our tour, through France to Roscoff (or St Malo, undecided at this point) where we will catch a ferry back to the sunny southern shores of England. Right now we are in Basel, a lovely town in Switzerland on the border with France and Germany. We have spent the last few days just relaxing and enjoying the place.

Our route through France is, roughly, Basel > Dijon > Orleans > Angers > St Malo > Roscoff. Wiggling along rivers to cross East to West then heading North into Brittany.

France is relatively unknown to me so I am looking forward to this bit. Sadly, though, i dont think the cakes will be the same as the carbo loaded confectionary heart attacks we have been enjoying for the past few weeks.


Buka said...

Hi Guys, Just caught up with yr travels after losing your blog bookmark but found it through Trento bike pages...!! Seems like yr having a great time, things running hot & cold, poland sounded a challenge & no doubt the blisters on yr bums have turned to crusty calluses and yr legs are rods of iron able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...
Pics of villages are charming and contrast starkly with antipodean architecture... Trust you won't feel out of place down under -where there are definitely other plusses.
You may even find cakes and cooking surpassed.
All well in Brizzi...
Richard n Pip

Buka said...

+ with your luck you might even bump into an All Black or 2