Thursday, 27 September 2007

Friday 21st September (Day 65): Beaulieu to Chateau Neuf Sur Loire (74 km)

Today began with watery sunshine (recalcitrant and refusing to give out any heat) and the realisation that the campsite was adjacent to the local unofficial truck stop. Tempers becqme somewhat frayed as we often had to yell to each other the the racket of the idling lorries.

We finally set off at 10am and puffed up the hill back into town. Looked into the 12th century Romanesque church (Saint Etienne) later embellished with Gothic extras, before pedalling off into the hills.

The route we hqd chosen basically followed the route of the Loire meandering through towns and villages. We were often taken aback as we crested hills to see a fantastical chateau looming on the horizon. Sully-sur-le-Loire was particulqrly memorable.

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