Monday, 23 July 2007

Sunday 22nd July 2007 - Day 5: Ruurlo-Gronau, Germany (62km)

A day of sunshine and thunderstorms. Set off in record time, with one eye on the huge clouds, and the other on the goats that were crowded around looking for snacks. Managed to cycle the first 25km, before deciding the rain was imminent, and that we were going to have to...O no...stop for a coffee and a cake! The rain duly performed, with a bit of thunder and lightening thrown in, before the sun came out again making everything steam.

John's butt (if anyone is still interested :-)) is still in a state of agony, and he spend much of his time standing in his pedals above his seat, grimmacing. Just as well today is an easy cycle. No hills, a following wind, and a short-ish stretch. Windmills were a feature of today's cycle and we passed a couple of beauties. Delicious smell of rain drenched vegetation all around too.

We were rather excited when crossing over the border into Germany (a couple of signs in the road) as neither of us had ever cycled across a border before (if you don't count the cycle off the ferry into Holland that is). Now in Gronau, and are busy sampling the coffee and cake here too. We can't find a campsite, and everything is closed because it is Sunday, so we'll stay in a guest house tonight. That doesn't open until 6pm, so here I am in the Internet shop typing away (and cursing the 'y' 'z' thing!!! Aaaarrgghh). Better go and rescue John and the bikes I guess. Please feel free to leave ('polite' :-)) messages.

Crossing the border into Germany

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Niamh said...

I have commented, I've emailed, sent thousands of words your way . . . where is the love? Where is the freaking love?

rydin-orwin said...

Howdy there Bikers, Thanks for all the write ups, cakes and coffee = Netherlands! Germany should be good as well. Brooks saddles eh? So do you have an MSR, or a Tranjia stove? Coke is great for cleaning out an MSR, trick we learnt from some German cycle tourists - the other thing is to make sure you can undo the screw holding the burner in, 'cos I broke a screwdriver doing it (thanks to the Germans again, a much better tool kit). We had a few days of good weather in UK, but back to the rain! I am with you in spirit, keep the writing going, its been a while. Remember, you are there as jouralists and not to enjoy yourself (Joke)! Phil Tracy & Ptolemy!