Monday, 23 July 2007

Friday 20th July 2007 - Day 3: Woerden to Elst (79 km)

Castle Haar

 Just a short note after a very wet day. We started early with John firing on all cylinders, but stalling because of a sore butt, and the world of pain he faced!! Started to rain just as we finished packing up, then showered until 2pm, and then hacked it down.

Did have a coffee at a great spot looking at a rather splendid castle (Castle Haar) where there was a jousting tournament. Tempting. Wend our way through more avenues of magnificent beeches and poplars, farmland and little villages, still following the LF4. Played with an adorable skewbald mare and foal.

John flagged seriously at about 65km, and we missed the campsite. Fortunately, a side trip to the main road paid dividends and we located a campsite sign, a campsite, and a cold beer!!
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