Thursday, 19 July 2007

In Den Haag in Holland

Just off the ferry

I'm typing this at our first campsite in Holland but the keypad does not work properly and the 'y' and 'z' are interchanged! Our first day has been a bit of a disaster with one of John's new Ortleib panniers breaking and finding out that the new MSR stove does not burn meths, but only white gas or kerosene. So it's sandwiches for dinner. And a rather grumpy John.

Ferry ride was uneventful, even though it was a day late. More disasters that culminated with us spending a day in Beverley instead of Holland.

Weather has been perfect though, and we have cycled in some very pretty, if flat countryside. Better get back to the sandwiches :-)

Will type more when have a proper keyboard that works....
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Niamh said...

John grumpy?!?! Bloody hell, Haze - what have you done to him? Weather horrid here. Andrew electrocuted himself at Mark's 40th. He's ok but his hair has been pretty bouffy ever since. He might just need a haircut. I have only now recovered from the savage wound you inflicted on me at your party. I'll be scarred for months - and don't get me started on the emotional scarring. Hope you're enjoying yourselves or at least haven't killed each other. Will write with all goss soon x

Niamh said...

PS Let me know how you digest John