Monday, 23 July 2007

Saturday 21st July 2007 - Day 4: Elst-Ruurlo (102km)

 A great day, Sunshine throughout. We decided to bid the LF4 a fond farewell, as it is a somewhat tortuous route and we are already a few days behind our very rough schedule. As a result we just stuck to the cycle paths beside more major roads. Holland just has the best cycle paths! Even on main-ish roads, the cycling is pleasant. After a slow start that involved drying out the tent as much as possible, and sliding our feet back in to saturated cycling shoes, we set off with a sense of purpose. We did 33km before morning coffee.

The route was actually rather undulating today, and we even got a decent down a hill marked 7%! Legs felt the strain a little bit, and the luggage weighed a bit more.

Tis' the season of fertility and small things, and we have seen a lot of lambs, kids, foals, cygnets, ducklings, etc. Also saw a lot of stately homes which are very classical, with a twist of 'Dutch' style (very angular). The gardens are all extremely formal, but extremely well-kept, with ponds full of lillies, and regal swans.

One thing that we did realise today while cycling along, as you do, is that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a bike shop and an ordinary shop as there are always so many bikes outside of all the shops.
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