Friday, 5 October 2007

Sunday 30th September (Day 74): Vitré to Combourg ( 86 km)

Finally woke to a dry tent which cheered John up no end and helped alleviate his ever increasing snotiness (caused by a cold). There was a high wind that scattered acorns and conkers on our tent, and sometimes our heads and we were a little wary - turned out that it was another following wind though!

We cycled into Vitré and had a look around. What an awesome place; tiny medieval streets, a huge chateau and myriad other little features and adornments that make the place fascinating. Set off pedalling on a route that would have been fairly challenging if the wind was not blowing in the right direction.

We've seen the soil rocks change from limestone, to chalk, to slate, and now it is a mixture of granite and sandstone (which affects the look of the houses and walls, giving everything a slightly greyer, more angular look). Brittany houses tend to be solid, square and pragmatic with less florid gardens. There is still an incredible attractiveness about the place though, and some of the churches are incredible.


Buka said...

Hey ho, hey ho... it's off to where next ugo?? Well done guys -congrats!! I'm sure ucud write a book about calluses...

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